Enhance: Medisil puts the Magic Touch in your hands

Enhancing your sexual health and wellbeing is easy with the Medisil Magic Touch. Used with the factory-fitted silicone massage cap, or personalised with one of our intimate massage attachments, your Magic Touch provides pleasure, relaxation and steady stimulation through strong vibration.

Safe to use with any massage oil or personal lubricant, Medisil accessory caps are easy to remove, suitable for those with sensitive skin or allergies, and may be sterilised for extra hygiene.

The Diffuser Dome's hundreds of small nubs diffuse the Magic Touch's powerful vibrations, providing a strong but gentle massage.

The Medi-G transforms the Magic Touch's powerful vibration into a steady focussed buzz.

Doctor recommended for women and men wishing to maintain their capacity for intimate arousal, the Medisil Magic Touch lets you playfully explore the pleasure possibilities of massage.

I had a Hitachi when I worked in Chicago, but I prefer the Magic Touch because of the silicone cap. Brilliant idea!


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